FSAE Board of Director 2022 Candidates

The FSAE Board of Directors currently has three (3) At-Large positions to be filled by election of the FSAE Executive Membership, and one (1) Associate At-Large position to be filled by election of the FSAE Associate Membership. 

Candidates are listed below in alphabetical order. All candidates were asked a series of questions regarding their qualifications and vision for FSAE. These responses are included on subsequent pages for the two elections. Please login below to review the candidate information. The link to vote is at the bottom of the information page.

Voting Deadline: Tuesday, June 7

Executive At-Large Candidates 
(only Association Staff vote for Executive At-Large Candidates)

The three (3) Directors At-Large vacancies include two (2) 3-year term seats and one (1) 1-year term seat. The candidate with the third most votes from elections will be selected to fulfill the 1-year term.
Candidates are listed in alphabetical order.

Erin Ballas  

Erin Ballas
Foundation Coordinator
FL Recycling Partnership Foundation

  Joe Grimes

Joe Grimes, CAE
Executive Director
BOMA Orlando

 Jennifer Milam

Jennifer Milam
Member Services and Events
Assn of Community Developers

Amanda Motes

Amanda Motes
Director of Meetings and Online Academy
Metal Treating Institute
Orange Park/Jacksonville

Joe Nullet

Joe Nullet
Executive Director
Supervised Visitation Network, Inc.



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Associate At-Large Candidate

There is one candidate for the Associate At-Large seat, and only one seat available. The Candidate has been approved by the FSAE Board of Directors and the Associate Advisory Committee to fill the available seat. The Associate At-Large representative is Brandon Hall, CMP! Congratulations Brandon!

Brandon Hall

Brandon Hall, CMP
Director of Sales, Florida
Discover The Palm Beaches
West Palm Beach




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