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Volunteers are vital to the success of FSAE. The association better serves all members because of those that contribute their skills and expertise to lead our Committees and Task Forces.

A special thank you to all of the committee members for their sustained energy and enthusiastic involvement in ensuring the success of FSAE!

2016-17 FSAE Committees

Annual Conference Committee works closely with FSAE staff to plan each year’s Annual Conference

Co-Chairs: Adrienne Bryant, CAE and Steve Crist

Committee Members:
Education Committee Chair: Sue Fern
Marketing Committee Chair: Mary Malone
Silent Auction Committee Chairs: Amber Bulloch and Michele Bemis, CMP
Sponsorship Sub-Committee Chair: Richard Brown
VIP Reception Sub-Committee Chair: Kristin Marshall
At-Large Member: Tara Liaschenko, CMM

Staff Liaison:  Kathy Bradley Sheldrake

Associate Advisory Committee (AAC) maintains a dialogue between the FSAE Board of Directors and the Associate Members to address the needs of Associate Members and ways to support Executive Member initiatives. This committee is for Associate Members Only

Chair: Lisa Miller Pacella, CMP
Committee Members: Pete Anderson, Erin Ballas, Elizabeth Baranik, CMP; Meg Caldwell, CMP; Lisa Chamberlain, CMP; Tara Collins-Coates, Bill Deutsch, CMP; Cathy Ennis, Carolyn Fazio, ECAM; Darin Henry, Cheryl James, Julie Kissel, Tara Liaschenko, CMM;  Vicki Long, CAE; Lance Lozano, CAE; Kristin Marshall, Chip Minick, Richard Miseyko, CMP; Marina Mitusova, CMP, Gene Schroeder, Jim Wacksman, Michelle Waddell, Kim Wetzel 

Staff Liaison: Adrian Amos Honderick, CAE


Awards Committee develops and implement the annual awards program, and recommends the conference of Life and Honorary status for approval of the FSAE Board of Directors

Chair: Rachel Luoma, CAE
Committee Members: Kristin Marshall (Associate of the Year); Richard Brown (Exec Rising Star) and Cheryl James (Assoc Rising Star); Bennett Napier (Assn of the Year); Lisa Chamberlain (Supporting Org); Jaime Caldwell, ACHE; Drew Eason, CAE; Kathy Anderson, CAE

Staff Liaison:: Adrian Amos Honderick, CAE


Education Committee develops educational programs for the Annual Conference and FSAE networking events

Chair: Sue Fern
Committee Members: Heather Armstrong, Meg Caldwell, Lisa Chamberlain, Sharon Hoydich, Cheryl James, Jacqui Kiviat, Vicki Long, Adrienne Segundo, Alexis Simoneau, Crissy Tallman, Jim Wacksman

Staff Liaison: Kathy Bradley Sheldrake


Finance Committee reviews the annual budget and makes recommendations to keep the organization profitable

Chair: Rachel Luoma, CAE
Committee Members: David Garrison, Dee Kring, CMP, CAE; Vicki Long, CAE; Rusty Payton, CAE, MBA; Jim Pelletier, Lonny Powell

Staff Liaison: Sandy Merrill

Governance Committee ensures that the operational foundation of the Society is sound and functioning effectively
Chair: Jim Ayotte, CAE
Committee Members: Alina Cooper, Marsha Kiner, CAE; Vicki Long, CAE; Steve Louchheim, Rachel Luoma, CAE; Lisa Miller Pacella, CMP

Staff Liaison: Frank Rudd, CAE, CMP


Government Affairs Committee identifies the legislative and regulatory issues that affect the association management profession and informs FSAE members.

Chair: Barney Bishop
Committee Members: Janegale Boyd, Samantha Hobbs, Tisha Keller, Paul Ledford, CAE; Vicki Long, CAE; Lance Lozano, CAE; Christian Malesic, Lisette Mariner, CAE; Doug Wheeler

Staff Liaison: Frank Rudd, CAE, CMP

Marketing Committee works under the direction of the Annual Conference Committee and in conjunction with FSAE staff in member and prospect outreach to create the buzz about Conference.

Chair: Mary Malone, CMP
Committee Members: Elizabeth Baranik, CMP; Kim Barclay, Rachel Brooke, CAE, CMP; Cheryl James, Brooke Martin, Kristin McWhorter, CAE; Marina Mitusova, CMP; Jaime Nolan, CAE; Heidi Otway, Lonnie Parizek, Lisa Pickersgill, Gail Siminovsky, CAE; Michelle Waddell, Kim Wetzel, Debbie Wysocki

Staff Liaison: Adrian Amos Honderick, CAE

Membership Committee develops on-going recruitment and retention initiatives
Chair: Suzanne Neve
Committee Members: Pete Anderson, Liz Aperauch, CAE; Stephen Austin, Amanda Bowen, KayDubois Carson, Connie Galietti, CAE; Dawn Lafferty, Paul Ledford, CAE; Tania Lynn, Lisette Mariner, CAE; Caroline Miller, Brandice Pelfrey, Barbara Rodriguez, Liane Schrader, Pat Swartz

Staff Liaison: Hester Ndoja, CAE

Nominating Committee develops a strategy for identifying members for leadership positions with the Society and preparing them to assume those roles

Chair: Rusty Payton, CAE, MBA
Committee Members: Ricki Braswell, Letreze Gooding, CMP;  Lisa Miller Pacella, CMP; Bill Phelan, CAE; Gail Siminovsky, CAE; Steve Trickey, CAE

Staff Liaison: Frank Rudd, CAE, CMP


Sponsorship Sub-Committee identifies and secures sponsors for the annual conference

Chair: Richard Brown
Members: Steve Crist, Carolyn Fazio, ECAM; Tondra Matthews, CMP; Al Pasini, CAE

Staff Liaison: Hester Ndoja, CAE


Roundtable Task Force plans all Roundtable meetings by quarterly conference call to select topics and speakers, invite and encourage attendance, and actively participate in Tallahassee, Orlando, Tampa and South FL Roundtable meetings.

Chair: Christy Gandy
Task Force Members: Nici Banks, Marianne Bock, Tawana Collins, CAE; Kristen Goodnow, Laura Haag, Melissa Keahey, Marsha Kiner, Suzanne Litherland, Ashley Mayo, Barbara Peck

Staff Liaison: Laura Wesolowski


Young Professionals Task Force creates programs that encourages engagement of young/emerging professionals within FSAE and generates opportunities for networking, education and professional growth.

Chair: Amanda Bowen
Task Force Members: Katherine Anderson, Gaby Arisso, Stephen Austin, Mandi Bianchi, Mercy Corlew, Maggie Cornelison, Pamela Daerr-Sanchez, Shannon Fleshman, Rachel Houston, Danielle Jessup, Mary Malone, CMP; Ashley Mayo, CGMP; Casie Rahe, Cassandra Ruelle, Alexis Simoneau, Jennifer Tedder, Rasheeda Walkes-Wallerson, Amanda Wood

Staff Liaisons: Adrian Amos Honderick, CAE and Laura Wesolowski