Renew Your Membership

FSAE memberships expire December 31.

Renewal Fees for 2020

Executive Members:
Association Executive: $220
Association Executive 2nd, 3rd: $195
Association Executive 4th: $170

Associate Members:
Associate/Supplier: $255
Associate/Supplier 2nd: $205

Retired: $125
Student: $60

If you have any questions, please contact FSAEs Membership Director Hester Ndoja, CAE at 850.222.7994 or [email protected].

Associate Members Make it Happen…
Affordable fees are possible because of our Associates’ generosity and investment in FSAE



How to Make the Most of Your FSAE Membership:


Over the past 5 years, FSAE has significantly grown in membership and in the programs & services we provide. Membership has doubled since 2012 - growing from 650 to over 1,100, and programs have jumped from 11 annually to almost 50 in-person events and 25 live webinars each year! Thankfully we have been able to continue our strong customer service and high standards of educational programming. However, member dues have remained the same for the past 6 years, and after much discussion, the FSAE Board of Directors has decided it's time to have a small dues increase starting in 2018. Thank you for continuing to grow with us.